Prison Avoided

My client was charged with evading police as a felony. Because of his prior record, he was facing time in prison. By briefing the law and presenting evidence at a preliminary hearing, I was able to convince the judge to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor, removing the threat of a prison sentence for my client.

About Ryan Couzens

Ryan Couzens HeadshotRyan Couzens has been practicing law for more than 23 years. Previously an Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney in Yolo County, he has handled criminal cases of all kinds, including drug sales, gang involvement, DUIs, robberies, assaults, domestic violence, and homicide. Twice voted Attorney of the Year by his peers, Ryan is known as a hardworking, thorough, and effective litigator who isn’t afraid to use bold arguments and tactics to get results. Ryan’s work ethic and inside knowledge of DA practices make him a powerful advocate for his clients.