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Camille Halley understands how oppressive the criminal justice system can seem to a person who’s been arrested. Being accused of a crime can have long-term consequences and Camille wants to minimize those consequences for her clients, whenever possible.  “A big concern for me is the collateral consequences of a conviction, and how damaging even a misdemeanor conviction can be to a person’s future,” she says. “A criminal conviction can impact a person’s housing, employment, even schooling.” 

Camille has long wanted to advocate for people accused by the state.  “When the state is taking steps to restrict someone’s liberty it can be very difficult for an individual to fight against that level of power. I want to help people to the best of my ability, give them a chance when they’re up against an entity that has all that power and all of those resources.” 

Camille put her ideals to work at the earliest opportunity, honing her ability to challenge state action and work for fair outcomes for her clients.  At the California Appellate Project, she assisted women facing the death penalty, researching confinement conditions and gathering mitigation evidence for their defense.  At the Habeas Corpus Resource Center, Camille drafted a Freedom of Information Act complaint against the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  During her time at the U.C. Davis School of Law, Camille worked for an extended period for a Civil Rights Clinic, helping to represent a formerly incarcerated woman in civil rights litigation against prison officials.  Her dedication was recognized in 2022 by the Clinical Legal Education Association when they awarded her the Outstanding Clinic Student award.   

With the Cohen Defense Group, Camille continues her work, helping people facing all kinds of charges, from domestic violence to DUI.  She analyzes each case at every level, challenging bad acts by police that can get the case dismissed, collecting mitigation evidence that can minimize negative consequences for her client, and ultimately preparing to stand between her client and the state at trial.  According to her colleague, Amber Zehrung, “Camille has a passion for her work.  She communicates extensively with her clients regarding their cases and their options.  She does not back down from a fight and never gives up until justice is served.  Because of her dedication to her work and care for her clients, she achieves great results.  She is a huge asset to our team.”

Camille earned her undergraduate degree at U.C. Santa Cruz and her law degree from U.C. Davis School of Law.  When she’s not working, Camille enjoys bike rides, hikes, Pilates, and yoga.

Born in San Francisco and raised in San Mateo, Camille became a member of the California State Bar in 2022.  Education:  University of California, Santa Cruz (B.A., Classical Studies and History, Cum Laude, 2017); University of California, Davis School of Law (J.D., Public Interest Law Certificate, 2022).  Member:  Placer County Bar Association, California Public Defenders Association.

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