Can I Go to Jail for a Misdemeanor in California?

row of jail cells
Misdemeanor crimes are often misunderstood. While not as serious as felony crimes, any misdemeanor charge can still result in custody time, significant fines, probation status, firearm prohibitions, license suspensions, and otherwise damage your life and create ongoing problems.  When you are armed with knowledge, you can work with your attorney to make better decisions about your case. Continue reading →

How Mental Health Diversion Can Help You Avoid Jail Time and Get Treatment

man in therapy session
Fact:  Every person probably has an identifiable “mental health condition” that will potentially keep them from getting convicted of a crime.  Conservatively, anywhere from 15-31% of defendants have an identifiable mental illness. California law recognizes that mental health issues could play a role in criminal behavior, so the state created a program to keep those defendants out of jail. Continue reading →

How a Lawyer Can Help You Make Domestic Violence Charges Go Away

A couple arguing
When the police receive a domestic violence (DV) call, they go to the location and investigate the situation by speaking to the individuals involved.  Based on that investigation, they usually arrest whomever they determine to be the perpetrator. This is for safety purposes; they want to be sure that once they leave the situation the conflict isn’t going to flare up again. Continue reading →